Davit Master Ladders Mounted on Seawall and Dock


All aboard with Davit Master's durable dock ladders.

Keeping your first mate and crew safe while getting in and out of the water is one of your main duties as captain. That's why having the right dock ladder is such an important decision.

Davit Master Dock Ladders deliver up to a full 12 feet of safety.

Secure your precious cargo with one of Davit Master's top-notch dock or seawall ladders. Made from marine-grade aluminum with cast-aluminum hinges, the lightweight yet sturdy construction gives you both the flexibility and security you need for worry-free operation. You'll find just the right level of convenience. Choose from our rigid styles that stay put, hinged styles that let you store the lower rungs out of the water when not in use, and slide dock ladders that extend up to eight feet with lower sections that lock securely in place. Each rung is reinforced with welding underneath as well as on each side for peak performance.

Rely on the skilled professionals at Davit Master to find the right dock or seawall ladder for you based on your installation needs. Dock ladders mount directly on your dock for safe transport while seawall ladders mount securely to the seawall.


You're just one step away from a dock ladder you can trust. Call 1-800-878-5560 or visit our online store today.