Davit Master
Est. 1977 - 40+ Years in Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of boatlifts does Davit Master manufacture?

    • We offer a full line of lifts for Large Cruisers, offshore fishing boats, cruisers, flats boats, high performance boats, runabouts, sailboats, skiffs, inflatables, and PWC’s. Our line of products include: Cradle Lifts, Beamless Cradle lifts, Elevator Lifts, PWC Lifts, Skiff lifts, and Davits. We also have a full line of lift accessories and parts.
  • What information do you need in order to recommend the right lift?

    • The more that you can tell us about your needs and goals, the better. A short conversation will get us on the right track promptly. Good information includes:
      • What type of watercraft do you plan to lift?
      • The year and model of your watercraft or Boat length, width and wet weight
      • Your future plans for your property/dock and boating activities
      • Is this a new lift or a replacement?
      • Have you had a boat lift in the past?
      • Is your lift to be installed dockside or at the seawall?
      • Type and condition of your dock or seawall
      • Do you require or have a permit?
      • Do you have electricity available for the lift? Is it 110V or 220V?
      • What is your schedule/timing?
  • Which is best material for boat lifts, Aluminum or Galvanized Steel?

    • We make recommendations based upon customer goals and site specific requirements. Our Marine grade Aluminum lifts are often the perfect solutions for coastal applications and customer aesthetic preferences. Galvanized steel lifts are the preferred choice for boaters in the Great Lakes and other inland waters. A site specific Davit Master Lift will provide you with dependable performance and years of boating pleasure. Call us today to discuss your specific needs.
  • Do I need stainless steel cable or galvanized cable?

    • Stainless steel is recommended for lifts that are designed such that the cable enters or is in the water, such as our Cradle Lifts and EPOCH PWC/SKIFF Lift. Galvanized steel cable may be used in applications where the cable is out of the water at all times, like our Davit Lifts.
  • Do I need to perform maintenance on my lift?

    • Yes, a sound maintenance/inspection program assures that you will extend the life of the lift and its components. Please refer to your maintenance manual for details. While our fully enclosed Direct-Drive systems are virtually maintenance free, there are other areas on every lift that require maintenance or inspection.
  • Regarding cradle lifts: Which is best for the drive pipe support, Floating sealed bearings or aluminum carrier blocks with grease zerts?

    • The best supports are Floating Sealed Bearings because they last longer, provide superior support, produce smooth resistance-free rotation, retain the lubricants and do not wear or wallow. Aluminum carrier blocks with grease zerts ( they do not have bearings) have shorter life use because the steel pipe wears-out the aluminum. There is no seal to retain the lubricants, so high-friction, slower turning speed and noise are common issues.

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