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Silhouette Beamless Boat Lifts

Get sophistication and strength in our Silhouette Beamless Boat Lifts.

Your boat is a real show-stopper and you deserve to show it off. But who can see all the jaw-dropping appointments and captivating contours with lift beams in the way? There is a way to keep all eyes on your sea goddess while still protecting your investment.

Showcase your dream - and protect it - with Silhouette Beamless Lifts.

Davit Master's Silhouette Beamless Boat Lifts give you all the safety, protection and functionality you need in an attractive, sleek design. Our unique cabling system makes upper support beams unnecessary, letting the high-style of your boating beauty take center stage. Plus, Silhouette Beamless Lifts make getting on and off your boat quick and effortless. Davit Master's Beamless Boat Lifts adapt easily to existing piling configurations.

Davit Master's Silhouette Beamless Boat Lifts are available in aluminum or galvanized steel and can hoist up to 25,000 pounds without breaking a sweat. Choose from two or four motor models. Make boarding your boat even easier with an optional access platform. Add the Radio Motor Control (RMC) option with a limit switch to preset upper and lower stopping points automatically.

The Silhouette Beamless Cradle Lift features a low profile design with an attractive appearance
and convenient boarding onto your boat.
The Silhouette Beamless Cradle Lift is powered by two direct drive winches with a quiet, smooth and reliable operation.
The Beamless lower system is designed with heavy duty beams. Our unique spanner beams provide superior strength and rigidity that enhance the structural integrity of the entire system.

Capacity # of Motors HP E-DRIVE SYSTEM Amps per 110v-220v # of Pilings Aluminum Cradle Lower Beam Size Galvanized Cradle Lower Beam Size Cable Diameter Carpeted #1 PT Boards
7,000 (2) 3/4 HP SS MODEL 480 26 - 13 4 (2) 6" x 12' (2) 6" x 12' 1/4" 3" x 10" x 12'
10,000 (2) 3/4 HP SS MODEL 480 26 - 13 4 (2) 8" x 12' 6" (2) 6" x 13' 1/4" 3" x 10" x 12'
13,000 (2) 1 HP SS MODEL 480 27.2 - 13.6 4 (2) 8" x 12' 6" (2) 8" x 13' 5/16" 3" x 10" x 12'
16,000 (2) 1.5 HP SS MODEL 600 30.4 - 15.2 4 (2) 10" x 15' (2) 10" x 15' 5/16" 3" x 10" x 14'
20,000 (4) 1 HP SS MODEL 600 27.2 - 220V 4 (2) 10" x 16' (2) 10" x 17' 3/8" DBL 3" x 12" x 16'
25,000 (4) 1.5 HP SS MODEL 600 30.4 - 220V 4 (2) 12" x 16' (2) 10" x 17' 7/16" DBL 3" x 12" x 16'
All welded design for strength and durability
6061-T6 marine grade aluminum or hot-dipped galvanized steel
CNC machined components
Dual channel beam support with concealed pipe drive
Self-aligning pillow block bearings with grease fittings
Aluminum grooved cable winders
Cable dead end brackets welded to both channel beams
Channel spanner beams provides strength and rigidity to lower system
Heavy duty adjustable pipe guides with pvc pipe and caps
Adjustable chock system
Carpeted #1 pressure treated chock boards
Stainless steel motors
Aluminum totally enclosed direct drive oil bath gear reducer
Stainless steel cable
Stainless steel hardware
Aluminum sheaves with 3/4" stainless steel bolts with grease fittings
Individual switches for accurate leveling with weather resistant enclosures
Quiet, dependable operation
Easy installation and technical support
Product liability coverage
Comprehensive warranty
Radio motor control with hand-held transmitter
Limit switch - set upper and lower stopping points
Faster motors
Motor covers
Plain cable winders
Cable keepers, bolt-on
Vinyl covered aluminum bunks (aluminum lifts only)
Custom chocks: Riser, T-style, and Pontoon
Aluminum walkway
Aluminum work platform
Aluminum step
Aluminum boarding platform
Aluminum tide guides
Roof tabs
Cantilever brackets
Marina brackets
Beam dimensions
Piling spacing
Support beams with roof tabs
Cantilevered support beams
Dual support beams (marina application)
Angled lower beams
Chock systems

There’s no need to sacrifice style with Davit Master’s Silhouette Beamless Boat Lifts. Call 1-800-878-5560 or visit our online store today.